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How To Reach One Million From Bets

Betting Tips

For my method to work it is necessary to follow my rules
 Only one Bet Slip per day:
This is my rule number one, I know sometimes Saturday and Sunday we are able to find a very long list of matches, but from my own experience the best is to choose your selections for the bet slip with one day before; For example: We choose the selections on Monday for the bet slip that we will place on Tuesday.
Only after a long time of analysis, finding the best odds that it is most probable to be the winner. This is all that we have to do on Monday: Concentrate to find a 3 odd (+200 or 2/1) for the next day (Tuesday).
**Some days you win your ticket very early during the day and you are tempted to place another bet on the same day. Please don`t do this mistake, it will might work for a few times but after it will be bad for your progress in future because it does not give you enough time to check the games and you will enter in a losing circle. Believe me!!!
 No Live-in Bets
This is my second rule, for this rule are the same reasons from the Rule#1. Live Betting it is very dangerous, the temptations of the bigger odds and all the lights, goals, actions and everything it just ends with the result of losing everything because you do not have the patience and the time.
Don`t try this; not only once, don`t break the rules not only once. It is like when you try to quit smoking; it does not matter if you did not smoke for 2 weeks if you light another cigarette and everything what you endured goes away.
After you do this once, and you will win money in seconds you will be tempted to do it again and again, and this is not good because after you will lose everything that you reached. You will understand this better when you will see how my system works.
Correct STAKE
This rule is very easy, you just have to place the bet slip with the correct stake, you will find out how much the stake it will be from the formula. It is important the stake to be correct so in this way the formula will work, you will find out in the next pages how to calculate the stake.
Forget the past
I mean you have to treat every single bet slip like your first bet slip, you don`t have to think that you lost 3 previous ones or that you won 3 previous ones. So you don`t have to be influenced by your previous bet slips, your mind should always be untouchable and just concentrate at your selections.
Only the stake is influenced by your previous won/lost bet slip. Rule #5: Money does not matter Yes, it sounds crazy but this is how you have to look into this. You don`t have to worry about betting $30,000 or how much you will bet at that time, because the way that you are betting now $30,000 is the same way that you did in the past when your stake = $30.  The method is still the same, just your Balance goes bigger and bigger but you will understand everything much easier in the Chapter 3: The Journey from this eBook.
Don`t bet everyday
If you don`t find good picks If one day you are not able to do an accumulator with an odd 3 (+200 or 2/1) you don`t have to place a bet slip that day, just prepare your bet slip for the next one. You don`t have to became desperate and trying to find good selections or you don`t have to think: “Oh, my stake it is only $5 or $10 I should place a bet slip If I win it is good, if not I lose only $5”. DON`T DO THAT. Why?
Because in the future this $5 will be $5,000 and your brain will remember that you won (even if it was a lucky bet slip on that day because you were not satisfied about your picks) and next time you will do the same mistake again and you might lose $5,000 instead of $5. I am telling this from my own experience, in this method the best thing to do is to not break the rules, not even once, because if you do a mistake once you will do it again, and we cannot afford mistakes. 
Read the rules again
When are you tempted to break a rule, just read again this section and you will remember why it so important to keep them. It is because you are throwing away winnings of $$$$$$$. At the start it will be the hardest but soon when your balance is going up, you will become better and better and your destination will be close. 
You will fiind everything you need to understand in my eBook
For any questions you may have just message me on twitter @millionfrombets
Good Luck in your Journey to One Million From Bets
The price for my eBook it is the minimum that I can use on Amazon , just £0,99 
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In this eBook I will explain to you how to reach one million dollars from sports betting. If you will follow all my simple steps and don’t break the rules, you`ll reach this amount in about 3-4 months.This is simple math; affording you to lose 5 days in a row and still be in profit. With every slip that you win, you just get close to the one million final destination..
And you don`t have to make a long list of picks, you just have to make an accumulative odd between 2.00 and 3.00 (1/1 and 2/1) (+100 and +200). I know it sounds very easy, and you are thinking how you will manage to reach this amount with this small odd and in the same time how your money will be assured and you will make PROFIT even if you lose for 5 days in a row with this accumulative bet slip with odd between 2.00 and 3.00 (1/1 and 2/1) (+100 and +200).
I made this rules from my experience; mathematics is accurate and there is no way you can deny that 1.0 + 1.0 = 2.0. But gambling it is not all about this; Gambling involves emotion, patience, desire, unknown and different feelings that makes the Gambler to lose his clear thinking, this is why WE HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES.
I am betting using systems and strategies since I was 18 years old, and now I am 25 years old = 7 years of calculations, testing, losing money, losing patience, losing my time, until I realized this method and the most important until I MADE MY OWN RULES. IF YOU DON`T FOLLOW THE RULES, THE SYSTEM IT WILL FAIL.
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